There was a time in the year 2000 when millions of people received a LOVELETTER but it was not romantic at all. In fact, it ended up creating damage worth $5.5–8.7 billion worldwide.

Sounds interesting, right? Keep on reading to know more about the ILOVEYOU Virus.

ILOVEYOU Virus, also known as LOVEBUG or Love Letter For You

The Release

Just after the world was introduced to emails and people were adapting to the online services, Onel De Guzman, a 24-year-old Philippines student was working way ahead of his time. He was poor and could not afford to pay for internet access. …

I know that you must be wondering how the Virus got such a cool name? How a Virus had the potential of a humongous perspective transformation about cybersecurity? What actually happened?

Keep reading to know everything about THE MELISSA VIRUS!

The Release

It had been just a few years since Microsoft Outlook was launched and only a small percentage of people were familiar with the computer technologies like viruses, let alone cybersecurity in the year 1999. The common public was still understanding the e-mails when David L. Smith seized the opportunity of unawareness with both of his hands.

David L. Smith successfully…

If we google about the buzzwords in the cybersecurity domain for 2021, we often find the term ‘XDR’ in it. While compared to other buzzwords, it is fairly new and less known amongst the public. So what it exactly is and why is it creating a buzz in the market?

XDR stands for Extended Detection and Response. XDR is applied for error detection and response but it goes beyond the measures taken during traditional approaches.


  • Identify hidden threats
  • Track them across multiple components
  • Improve detection and response speed
  • Investigate threats more efficiently

How is XDR different?

The main point…


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